Duravit ‘Lagoon’ Bathtub

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Duravit ‘Lagoon’ Bathtub

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Duravit ‘Lagoon’ Bathtub

Perfectly coordinated

Consistently harmonious: The bathtub reflects the form of the washbowls and has a surprisingly soft feel. The material DuraSolid® allows for an amazingly thin bathtub rim and a spacious interior. The oval form is always impressive – whether free-standing or as a back-to-wall or corner version.

Acrylic – a material with attractive properties

The advantage of acrylic is its warm, pore-free and smooth surface. It is pleasant to the touch and the user immediately feels at ease. With its white shimmering gleam, the material harmonizes with all of the other ceramic objects in the bathroom and ensures continuity of design. The bathtubs can be elegantly combined with furniture panel thus forming a link with the bathroom furniture. The user can rest assured knowing that the acrylic bathtub will retain its color through- out its lifetime. The material is colored throughout, UV-stable and colorfast. A bathtub made from sanitary ceramic is not only easy to install, it is also resistant to almost all conventional cleaning agents.


Abrasive, aggressive or the wrong cleaning agents may damage the surface and lead to discolouration. >Use cleaning agents recommended by Duravit as well as a soft cleaning cloth. Spray can penetrate into very small openings and gaps and damage the surface.

>Spray the spray cleaner onto the cleaning cloth and not directly onto the product. If the cleaning is not carried out regularly enough, soiling may become more difficult to remove.

>Regularly clean the surface and clean immediately if soiled. Silicone-based care products can leave shiny marks on matt lacquered surfaces.

>Use silicone-free cleaning agents and a soft cloth (without applying much pressure) for cleaning matt lacquered surfaces.

Complaints due to improper cleaning and care will not be covered by the warranty.


Recommendations for cleaning acrylic
Material/surfac Cleaning agent Cleaning item Cleaning
Acrylic (daily cleaning) Water Soft cleaning cloth >Clean the surface with a soft damp cloth.
>Remove heavier soiling with warm water and
the recommended cleaning agent that you apply to the cloth.
>Wipe with a slighly damp cloth afterwards.
>Dry the surface with a soft cloth.
Acrylic (heavier soiling) Mild cleaning agent, washingup liquid or a soap solution. Soft cleaning cloth
Lacquered acrylic (daily cleaning) Water Soft cleaning cloth (without applying much pressure)
Lacquered acrylic (heavier soiling) Mild cleaning agent, washingup liquid or a soap solution Soft cleaning cloth (without applying much pressure)
Bathtub panel Washing-up liquid Soft cleaning cloth
Control panel Water Soft cleaning cloth
Drain cover Water Soft cleaning cloth
Acrylic (maintenance and repair) Maintenance set (#790301) – and repair set (#790302) for acrylic surfaces to remove scratches and superficial damage.
Not suitable for lacquered acrylic surfaces.
>Observe the instructions enclosed with the set.


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Duravit 'Lagoon' Bathtub