Kessel Drainage Solutions Fitting Inspection Pipe

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Kessel Drainage Solutions Fitting Inspection Pipe

Polypropylene (PP) push-fit drainage pipe fitting.

A. Introduction
Compared to the solvent-gluing drainage system, EGIC produced push-fit drainage system made of polypropylene to ensure ease of assembly and insulation. Kessel products include a special seal plugs that tightly grip the pipes when they are inserted into the fitting sockets.

  • Material: polypropylene (PP) hot water resistant, stabilized light sensitivity
  • Size: 50mm – 160mm
  • Pipes Length: 3 meters straight length
  • Jointing: Push-fit connection
  • Color: Grey RAL 7037

B. The Advantages of Kessel Push-Fit Drainage System are:

  • The speed of making a connection with push-fit fittings where plumber can quickly cap or repair
  • Push-fit fittings are available in various sizes for different kinds of applications
  • Push-fit fittings are easily removed so they can be re-positioned as needed without specialized tools
  • Plastic pipe with high flexibility, anti-leakage and chemical resistant

C. Installation Tips

  • Pipes and fittings are connected by a push-fit socket and sealed tight with sealing ring.
  • Pipes can be easily cut to fit any length, chamfered and burned, connected and fixed in position.
  • In horizontal lines, the spacing of pipe clamps must not be more than ten times the outer diameter of the pipe. in vertical lines, spacing should not more than 1 meter (maximum 2 meters)
  • If the floor is covered with asphalt mastic, exposed pipe should be protected with heat-insulating material.
  • When Kessel pipes are laid in concrete, the socket gaps should be sealed with adhesive tape in order to prevent penetration of cement grout.

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Kessel Drainage Solutions Fitting Inspection Pipe