Ideal Standard ‘SEVA M’ deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer

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Ideal Standard ‘SEVA M’ deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer

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Ideal Standard ‘SEVA M’ deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer

Ideal Standard ‘SEVA M’ deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer

Adjustable, water-saving flow restrictors
These optional kits, included with all Ideal Standard basin and over-rim bidet fitting, as well as our shower hose restrictor, available with all exposed bath/shower and shower only fittings, allow you to vary the water flow rate. For basin and over-rim bidet fittings simply turn the plastic pieces from 0 degrees (bow-tie opening) to 90 degrees (square opening) giving the minimum flow. Then, unscrew the aerator from the faucet, insert the green and white plastic flow restrictor, and replace the aerator on the faucet.
For shower restrictors, cut the green cone to the desired restriction level and insert it into the bottom of your shower hose, before screwing the hose to the fitting.

Click Cartridge
Ideal Standard, the inventor of the ceramic disc cartridge*, has developed the new ‘Click’ cartridge with the intention of more safety and convenience.

  • Saving: Water Saving Variable Control (WSCV)

With the new WSCV function, we are giving you the choice to manage water demand coming from the fitting. With the new WSCV function, you can save energy. Due to the special design and position of the WSCV function, by simply lifting the lever you can get any water supply between 50% and 100%. The new WSCV function can be added later to the new CLICK cartridge.

  • Comfort: Unique Comfort Zone

With the new ‘CLICK’ cartridge, we can offer you an improved comfort zone. This comfort zone facilitates a wider area for mixing hot and cold water; it increases the lever’s movement range from 90 degrees to 120 degrees to increase the comfort zone by 33%.

  • Safety: Hot Water Temperature Control (HWTC)

With the improved HWTC function integrated into the new ‘CLICK’ cartridge, we are giving you the possibility to limit or control the temperature of the hot water by restricting the movement of the lever. At position 0 the handle will have a full 60-degree movement and the temperature of the hot water will be at a maximum. By simply lifting and re-positioning the red plastic ring towards position 7 the lever movement and hot water temperature will reduce.

Even the most robust faucet surfaces need a minimum of maintenance. The more gently you treat your faucets, the longer you can enjoy the shine of the fine surface. A soft cloth is therefore the right tool for cleaning. You should never use caustic, scouring, or aggressive cleansing agents, they attack the surfaces and thus dull the finish. Different materials need different cleaning methods. The following explains how you can clean your faucets gently as well as thoroughly.
Chrome surfaces should be cleaned with a mild washing liquid or soap. In order to remove calcium, you should not use cleansing agents which contain mineral acids (e.g. hydrochloric acid) or aggressive organic acids (e.g. acetic acids).

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Ideal Standard 'SEVA M' deck Mounted Kitchen Mixer

EGP 3,107.00