Ideal Standard ‘Connect’ 60cm Cube Sink IDL-054-E714101

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Ideal Standard ‘Connect’ 60cm Cube Sink IDL-054-E714101

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Ideal Standard ‘Connect’ 60cm Cube Sink IDL-054-E714101

Cube Basin

Connect is where creative design meets practical solution. Choose a style which appeals to your taste from tow distinctive basin shapes then build your dream bathroom around it. With Connect you can fulfil your whole wish list. You‘ll discover ceramic products and bathroom furniture options with innovative storage solutions. Connect offers a complete combination, giving you value without compromise.

Ceramics Products Do’s and Don’ts

  • Clean immediately after use to stop a build-up of dirt and scale.
  • Use warm or soapy water, cream or liquid cleaner.
  • Fix dripping taps – this stops stain and limescale build up.
  • Occasional use of mild bathroom limescale removers is acceptable.
  • Use in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions, rinsing of well with plenty of water immediately after use.
  • Do not put bleach in the cistern, this can damage the internal fittings, it is acceptable to use in the toilet bowl itself.
  • Never use strong cleaners or bleach in overnight.
  • Never mix different cleaners in the WC, they can react to give off poisonous gas.


Ideal Standard Customer Service
One Number for Cairo and all Governorates 19696
Ideal Standard have 17 customer service centers: 2 in Cairo, 2 in Giza, 2 in Alexandria, Port Said, Zakazik, Mansoura, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Assiut, Luxor, Tanta and Marsa Alam. In addition, there are seasonal centers in Agami & Marina to serve all the north coast during summer.

Ideal Standard offer:

  • Free inspections.
  • Free Hotline (19696).
  • Genuine replacement parts program.
  • Maintenance Staff in anywhere in Egypt.
  • Punctuality.
  • 17 centers all around Egypt.
  • Well qualified and trained maintenance staff.
  • Follow up with the customer after plumber visit.
  • Receiving phone calls 24 hour.
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Ideal Standard 'Connect' 60cm Cube Sink IDL-054-E714101